Most of the training sessions include exercises that work on stabilization, strength, flexibility, endurance, resistance and power. Through the session we will stay on track to reach your fitness goals.

The techniques implemented are Functional Training and Metabolic Conditioning. We can train at home or at a house gym, during one-on-one sessions or with a partner; we can also do virtual sessions via face-time, and I also offer online training.


Functional workouts are the key to long-term results and improvements. Each session is carefully designed to improve balance, posture, muscular endurance and flexibility.

This technique enhances the mind and body connection. By learning proper form and doing full-body workouts, the body’s response becomes noticeable positive.

LEVEL: Beginners – Intermediate – Advance

TIME: 45 to 60 minutes per session.

FREQUENCY: Two or Three Times per week


This exercise program creates a huge caloric deficit not only during the training session, but afterwards. When your body is working properly it becomes more efficient at burning calories.

LEVEL: Beginners – Intermediate – Advance

TIME: 15 or 30 Minutes

FREQUENCY: Two or Three Times per week

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