Welcome to ALEXA LUND FITNESS – Certified Personal Trainer’S page.

I love developing and implementing personalized exercise programs. Thus, I design training programs that respond to your desires, necessities and body type. By tailoring each class to what is needed, I help each client to achieve his/her goals.

Currently, I am offering Virtual Fitness Classes, Online Training, At-Home Training, and a Hybrid model that includes On-line and At-home Classes. I also have a Monthly Guide, and Boot Camps.

I am Alexa, your certified personal trainer!

Welcome to ALEXA LUND FITNESS – I am Certified Personal Trainer

Most of the training session include exercises that work on weight loss, weight gain, balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, resistance, and sculpting; while staying on track to reach your fitness goals.



This platform allows us to workout in the comfort of your own home or if you are traveling the comfort of your hotel room. I will coach you and/or workout with you during the whole session.
The requirements to take these classes are very simple: you must-have access to a good Internet, a computer, tablet or a smart phone; wireless headphones are optional.


At home training is a complete workout at home, personal gym or the fitness center where you reside. One-on-one training meetings help us all achieve proper form while perfecting our breathing techniques, physicality and stamina.

hybrid training

This is a combination of At-Home and Virtual Training sessions. By having on-line sessions in between at-home sessions, we can stay on track any time.
The number of virtual sessions is less or equal to the number of face-to-face classes.
With this video library I customize each training session. Clients get a specific list of exercises with details about repetitions, intensity, modifications and more.


If you have a limited budget and/or feel that my physical presence is not necessary for your workouts, this option is the most appropriate. Every four weeks, we will adjust your routine based on your goals and needs. We will have two consultations a month via zoom to give you the best follow-up.

virtual FITNESS classes

Train with me. You can access Online Live Classes and pay per class. This is great way to know and fall in love with my training techniques. Dates and times are post via Instagram and Facebook. And visit my online store to purchase the items used during the classes.


WEST PALM BEACH and BROWARD, Florida, let’s train together and push one another! Dates and places vary according to city guidelines. Bring water, sunblock, a towel, small weights, resistant bands, and a mat. Visit my online store to purchase items used during boot camps. Follow my : Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

Welcome to ALEXA LUND FITNESS – Certified Personal Trainer

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check my online store

Visit my online store to purchase the items used during the classes.

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