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Alexandra Lund was my trainer for 6 consecutive months, and I saw notorious changes. I lost excess weight and fat, and my body became more athletic, and my physical ability increased after every workout. Alexa’s “routines” are fun, full of agility and proper instructions. She ensured every time that I was following proper form and technique. Don’t let her tiny size fool you! Alexa Lund’s workouts are intense. I am looking forward to training with Alexa every time I travel to South Florida!

I am a NASM and NCCA Certified Personal Trainer. I love developing and implementing personalized exercise programs for individuals and groups.

I design training programs that respond to your desires, neccesities and your body type. By tailoring each class to what is needed, I help each client to achieve his/her objectives.

Most of the training session include exercises that work on stabilization, strength, flexibility, endurance, resistance, and sculpting; while staying on track to reach your fitness goals.

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