No Two Fitness Sessions are Ever the Same!

“Working out with Alexa is a fun and invigorating experience. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, motivating, and detailed oriented. Alexa truly focuses on getting the best out of each exercise, while considering every aspect of my physical condition, abilities, and obviously my goals.

She makes sure you exercise the right way and don’t get injured. 

Alexa also helped me to get ready, in a couple of months, for a 5 days hiking trip in Machu Picchu Peru. My body was strong and conditioned. Not to mention the amazing improvements in my balance which were very helpful. 

Alexa designs fun progressive sessions. You do not get bored because she is always creating different routines using a variety of technics that she has mastered. And no two sessions are ever the same!

I am a NASM and NCCA Certified Personal Trainer. I love developing and implementing personalized exercise programs for individuals and groups.

I design training programs that respond to your desires, neccesities and your body type. By tailoring each class to what is needed, I help each client to achieve his/her objectives.

Most of the training session include exercises that work on stabilization, strength, flexibility, endurance, resistance, and sculpting; while staying on track to reach your fitness goals.

Welcome to AlexaLundFitness