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  • I am Alexa Lund, a Certified Personal Trainer.
  • I offer services in English and Spanish:
  • Online programs and virtual classes via Instagram, Facebook, Zoom.
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  • Soy Alexa Lund, Entrenadora Personal Certificada.
  • Ofrezco clases en Español e Ingles.
  • Ofrezco clases en línea y clases virtuales vía Instagram, Facebook, Zoom.
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Alexandra Lund Fitness
Alexandra Lund Fitness


Certified Personal Trainer

  • I am NASM and NCCA Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Currently, I offer:
  • We can meet via Instagram, Zoom, Facebook and similar platforms.
  • My workout sessions are based on Functional Training Techniques and Metabolic Conditioning.
  • Each fitness class will focus on balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, resistance and power.
  • I create tailored fitness programs to suit your needs. In other words, I will help you to reach your weight loss or weight gain goals.
  • Whether online or specific location, each fitness session lasts 60 minutes.
  • Through each training session, we will stay on track in order to reach your fitness goals.
  • With me you will workout for shorter periods of time, and above all, you will obtain long-lasting results!
Alexa Lund Fitness training outdoors and wearing a green fitness outfit.

Alexa Lund Fitness – Certified Personal Trainer


Entrenadora Personal

  • Soy una Entrenadora Personal Certificada de NASM y NCCA. 
  • Actualmente, ofrezco
    • Clases Virtuales
    • Clases en Linea
    • Classes Presenciales
    • Un modelo híbrido que combina clases en línea y clases presenciales
    • Guías mensuales personalizadas
    • Retos y Desafíos
  • Podemos entrenar juntos vía Instagram, FaceBook, Zoom o plataformas similares.  
  • Mis entrenamientos son basados en Ejercicios Funcionales y Acondicionamiento Metabólico.
  • Mis clases se enfocan en pérdida o ganancia de peso, al igual que en resistencia, balance, flexibilidad y tonificación muscular.
  • Cada clase dura 60 minutos.
  • Como tu entrenadora personal, siempre estoy enfocada en tu progreso y tus resultados.
  • ¡Durante mis clases trabajas de manera efectiva y obtienes resultados duraderos!
Alexa Lund Fitness doing abdominal exercises on a football field! Purple Outfit and Nike Black Tennis Shoes

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About me: Alexa Lund Fitness
Alexa Lund Fitness

I am a certified NASM Personal Trainer, and fitness advocate who enjoys helping others to achieve theirs goals. That is to say, I am committed to helping people to fall in love with fitness!

Besides the NASM certification, I have taken other classes like the STC TRX course, and from time to time, I enjoy doing yoga.

My approach to live is full of positive energy, happiness, and good vibes!

Furthermore, I like educating myself about new and functional techniques to improve my exercise routines. Consequently, I am always improving the fitness plans that I create for clients.  

I was born in Colombia; and currently, I live in Boca Raton, Florida. I am happily married, and we have two beautiful children born in 2008 and 2011.  

Nowadays, exercising at least 3 times a week works for me, and I do follow a dietary regimen known to promote good health.  However, when traveling, I like to indulge and keep a flexible exercise schedule.

In other words, my lifestyle and my career paths are merged together!

Credentials and Certifications:

NASM and NCCA Certified Personal Trainer in the USA.

I received STC TRX classes. 

BA in Communications. I specialize in Public Relations.

I have done work in front and behind the camera, and I truly enjoy talking to people.

Bilingual, English and Spanish.



I am a Certified Personal Trainer.

Alexa Lund Fitness

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